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Timeless style. Conscious living

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About Wehve

Gesine Holschuh, the founder of WEHVE, is a socially responsible business leader who is also on the board of Fairtrade Belgium and holds an MBA from INSEAD. She has spent a decade working at the intersection of social impact and business with a particular focus on women's empowerment. Gesine's daughter, Lilian, has been the brand's face since 2018.

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Timeless style. Conscious living

"At WEHVE, the mission is twofold. The first is to preserve the profound knowledge passed down through ancestral traditions of weaving, and the second is to share and enjoy these skills through timeless pieces produced as sustainably and ethically as possible. Their philosophy is centered around timeless style and conscious living."


The best company during our trip to the Cotswolds

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Spot the look
Summer Pop Up 23´

Wehve  had the joy of participating upstairs “Spot The Look” during the Pop Up Store Le Spot at We Are last May: a floor devoted to presenting La Table Le Spot, as well as multi-brand looks, curated by Le Spot.
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