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Skintech Experience with Helena Rubinstein

What an exceptional moment this breakfast with Helena Rubinstein! Received by Elisabeth Sandager, International Director of Helena Rubinstein and by the French journalist and novelist Michèle Fitoussi, we participated in a breakfast at the summit of privileges in the world of Cellular Science of the skin. We were received in a sublime Haussmann apartment with a view of the Arc de Triomphe, where 300m2 have been fitted out to immerse us in the world of Helena Rubinstein and give us an exceptional experience in a Parisian setting that is as private as it is prized.


Helena Rubinstein, self-made woman, avant-garde who made beauty a power, accompanied us during our PopUp to transport us into the world of skin cell science. We were received by Astrid Haugen, General Manager France of Helena Rubinstein and by the journalist and novelist Michèle Fitoussi, author of the biography of this extraordinary woman. This event took place during LeSpot Summer Pop Up Store in the sublime We Are mansion, it was an exceptional moment full of privileges, including a facial treatment MasterClass, a skin diagnosis, all in a truly holistic approach of beauty.

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