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Elegant bohemian jewelry

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About Sirconstance

SIRCONSTANCE is the culmination of years of experience in leatherwork and a deep passion for craftsmanship.

The brand is characterized by the combination of stone, rope, and vegetable leather; resulting in unique, bohemian, and elegant jewelry pieces.


The fascination for the strength and benefits we can draw from stones and minerals is evident in every creation. The purity of the stones in their raw state, a gift of nature, is decoded and set free.

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The coherence between the raw and the refined elements: this is what shapes the universe of Sirconstance.

After a background in leather craftsmanship, the founder of Sirconstance was drawn to the raw characteristics of unaltered stones. Her fascination with minerals grew as she discovered their unique properties: the softness of pink quartz, the purity of crystals, the protective effects of spinel, and more.


The authenticity and simplicity 
of the materials

SIRCONSTANCE's creations are timeless and do not answer to fashion dictates. Each piece is unique and designed from an unprocessed stone. Each one tells a story and one of them aligns with yours.

You will receive your piece in a linen pouch bearing its serial number, accompanied by a text explaining the benefits of the stone and its origins.


The brand's leather bracelet and pendant collections are born from this same passion for simplicity. Clean in shape, almost sculptural, they pay homage to the materials' beauty and strength.

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