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Richard Gampel

Special, exclusive
and original

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About Richard Gampel

Brigitte and Richard, both raised in the fashion industry, met in 1982 and united their talents to launch their fashion accessory brand, Richard Gampel, two years later.


The brand quickly gained immense popularity in Paris during the 80s and rapidly expanded throughout France and internationally, making its way into the most exclusive retailers and prestigious department stores.


Special, exclusive and original 


Today, the Richard Gampel brand still holds a special place in the hearts of Parisians who remember the fashion scene of the 80s. Its exclusive boutique in Neuilly sur Seine continues to attract customers who appreciate the brand's timeless style and commitment to exceptional customer service.

Richard and Brigitte have always held their values dear, and continue to place the customer relationship at the forefront of their creations and communication.

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Curated by LeSpot

Spot the look
Summer Pop Up 23´

Richard Gampel had the joy of participating upstairs “Spot The Look” during the Pop Up Store Le Spot at We Are last May: a floor devoted to presenting La Table Le Spot, as well as multi-brand looks, curated by Le Spot.
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IMG_5096We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_4671We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_4618We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_5439We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_5338We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
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