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R.Di Mare

A new summer philosophy

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About R. Di Mare

After years of closely observing the world of men's fashion, it became apparent that it was incredibly difficult to find men's swimwear that fit perfectly, at a reasonable price, and catered to any man seeking comfort and elegance while enjoying the seaside or poolside.


The birth of the French brand R.DI MARE was a natural result. The designer, a passionate swimmer deeply in love with summer and the sea, pours her knowledge and her passions into the brand, making it the perfect choice for all generations to come.


The timeless elegance
of the Italian Rivera

Colorful, light, timeless, comfortable and responsible, our swimsuits dress all men with style and allure.

It is for all men who have worn a swimsuit in their life, for all those who want a swimsuit that ticks all the boxes, that you wear year after year. 

R. DI MARE celebrates an authentic and joyful iodized universe. 

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r di mare3.jpg

Elegance, quality and sustainability 

"We believe that aesthetics can no longer do without ethics while guaranteeing a timeless and durable style as well as impeccable quality".

"We only use recycled fibers for the manufacture of our jerseys and their quality allows them to last over time. Conscious to the end, R. DI MARE reduces its footprint thanks to short circuits and responsible packaging."

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