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This amazing event marked a significant milestone in our journey. We're still buzzing from the energy, creativity, and connections that blossomed in those unforgettable days. 


From showcasing new brands and designers to bringing together artists and our expanding community, every moment was a testament to what we can achieve together. The success of this event is a reflection of the passion and dedication of everyone involved – a true celebration of growth and collaboration, special mention to @hannahlynggard @mettelouisekryger

Thank you to each one of you who made this more than just an event, but a memorable experience that has paved the way for many more to come. Here's to the incredible achievements we've made and to the exciting future that lies ahead!


From emerging designers to established names, our pop-up stores are curated to bring the best and most innovative products directly to you. It's a chance for brands to connect, engage, and resonate with an audience that appreciates creativity and quality.

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