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Pippa Small

Pieces that become a part
of you

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About Pippa Small

"Pippa Small is an ethical jewellery brand, creating talismans for modern life. We approach jewellery design differently; working with Fairtrade, Fair Mined to source materials, generating secure livelihoods in areas of conflict around the world, and creating opportunities for a new generation of women to learn valuable skills in our workshops".


"All our designs are handmade by highly-skilled artisans. We believe that it’s an extraordinary privilege to own something that has been made by hand; organic shapes that forge a bridge between one person and another".


"An extension of your values that adorn you like a second skin".


“Our jewellery is so much more than just something to be worn. We create pieces that become part of you—an extension of your values that adorn you like a second skin, for those who appreciate the value of handmade, and who find the beauty and uniqueness in imperfection”.
- Pippa Small

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"Our designs always look to celebrate and respect these cultures. to promote their traditional crafts and set a new standard for ethical jewellery practices; from our core collection in India, our ethical sourcing work in Colombia and Bolivia, to community efforts with Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan, Myanmar and Jordan".


"We feel the act of creating is an
act of hope, an action for and a
belief in the future".

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