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Ole Lynggaard

About Ole Lynggaard

"We feel the act of creating is an act of hope, an action for and a

belief in the future".

Ole Lynggaard, the founder and namesake of this family brand is an outstanding representative of Denmark's rich design heritage. His intricate designs of fauna and sculptural trophy pieces have captivated the attention of fine jewelry audiences worldwide.

OLE1 (3).jpg
Charlotte Lynggaard

Lead designer & creative director.

Charlotte is an artist who leaves nothing to coincidence and who reserves the right to be particular about every aesthetic detail of the family brand. Smitten with the wonders of nature, Charlotte Lynggaard is all about the quality and joy of life.

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Copia de OLE1.jpg
Søren Lynggaard


Running the business alongside his sister, Soren sees it as his most important task to help everyone in the company to work in the same direction. As the company grows larger and more employees are added, it is essential that the family spirit that makes the company unique is cherished.

Irresistibly beautiful jewelry

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"We are passionate about quality, design, craftsmanship and details".

"We dare to be different and are on the forefront of innovative ideas and design - and we give our customers a feeling of standing out with style and class".

Today, Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard's collections are sold with more than 275 global retailers at six flagship stores. The brand works strategically with international ambassadors and media partners. A lot has changed since the early days! And then again... the mission of promoting exquisitely crafted Danish fine jewelry design remains the same.

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LeSpot & Ole Lynggaard

Curated by LeSpot

Spot the look
Summer Pop Up 23´

Ole Lynggaard had the joy of participating upstairs “Spot The Look” during the Pop Up Store Le Spot at We Are last May: a floor devoted to presenting La Table Le Spot, as well as multi-brand looks, curated by Le Spot.
IMG_5068We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_5018We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_3236We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_4401We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_4616We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
IMG_3834We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
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