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Nathalie Blanc

Luxury eyewear made in France

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About Nathalie Blanc

The force behind the brand is the daring, passionate and French-born designer Nathalie Blanc.


Nathalie Blanc is a true ambassador for French manufacturing and excellence in know-how, and her talent exudes in the refined and delicate frames she designs, the ones that combine the perfect harmony between the face, the style, and the material.


The attention to detail in her work and creations reflects her passion for art, design, and architecture, in which beauty and elegance fuse.


The eternal spirit of luxury only to be found in Paris


The secret is a unique combination between cosmopolitan influences and rural craftsmanship: the designer creates her signature frames in Paris, manufacturing takes place intime-honored manual processes in the Jura and Normandie regions.

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Since 2015 Nathalie Blanc stylizes the eye of women, modernizes the look of men, and makes the perfect glasses for young adults. All Nathalie’s designs perfectly embody the “French effortless chic” and are described as pure shapes, with particular care placed on every detail.


The three brands have different savoir-faire but are all made of natural acetate and quality metal maintaining its production and the assembly in France in its workshops located in Normandy and Jura.


"We don’t just make ‘Lunettes’
We make ‘design’
To reveal who you are"

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