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Mañana Maison

Mexican arts and crafts

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About Mañana Maison


Mañana Publishing house is a duo, Kamila and Laura.

Mañana celebrates traditional skills and Mexican arts and crafts through collections of decoration, tableware, textiles and home accessories. Each unique piece carries a cultural heritage and embodies the values ​​of committed craftsmen and creators.

The name "Mañana" symbolizes renewal and infinity, just like the repeated and transmitted gestures of the craftsmen. The objective of Mañana Maison d'édition is to share the artistic and artisanal richness of Mexico, by contributing to the respect and transmission of unique know-how. With an authentic vision of Mexico, far from tourist clichés, Mañana Maison d'édition brings a poetic and harmonious touch to interior decoration.

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"Mañana Maison d'édition is a bit of Mexico that invites itself into an interior and blends poetically with the existing decor."

"Mañana is our vision of Mexico. Far from the tourist clichés. The villages, the mountains, the beaches, the deserts… The richness and strength of a land of multiple colors and multiple flavors."

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