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Du Matin au Soir

A day with style

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About Du Matin au Soir

Katarina de Demandolx and Coralie Enthoven met in London during their studies. 15 years later, they find themselves in Brussels, one working in fashion in Paris and the other as a stylist in Brussels. Their common love for vintage objects inspires them.

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In 2017, they launched "Du Matin au Soir", a line of customizable small leather goods to store and protect precious belongings. Their collection includes timeless leather accessories, such as jewelry boxes and clutches, with unique details.

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The style, its details

The brand pays particular attention to the quality of materials and workmanship, working with family workshops in Italy. Custom engravings are handmade and each order is unique. Du Matin au Soir seeks to avoid waste by using all its leather stocks and offers seasonal accessories that are sold indefinitely. The prices reflect the quality of manufacture and the production of small series.

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