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Christmas Experience

in Copenhagen


The story of Ole Lynggaard is that of the Lynggaard family: passionate jewelers whose familial heart beats through creativity and the continuation of its legacy. We received the full Ole Lynggaard experience: a dream stay in Copenhaguen filled with exceptional moments spent with Creative Director Charlotte Lynggard, an extraordinary woman with a chic personality peppered with bohemian spirit.

We were privileged to see their creative process from start to finish, to meet their team of 50 goldsmiths, to learn about their collections and the ecosystem that revolves around them, and to spend time with their CEO, the next generation of the Lynggard legacy, Søren Lynggaard.

A trip just the way we like: an insider’s-look into this rarely-seen world, in the company of the marvelous Lynggaard family.


Ole Lynggaard Experience for
Le Spot in Copenhagen
Les mains dans les bijoux!

Thank you for for this amazing experience at headquarters, Magic happens where passion
unfolds. So much enjoyed experiencing the
whole creative and production process.

Louisana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen.

An experimental moment living and breathing fine jewellery.


Our day at Tivoli

We’ve experienced it’s magical scenery and met Tivoli ́s ballet director, Peter Bo Bendixen,
who took us through a behind-the-scenes tour of the costumes designed by the Queen
of Denmark, Margrethe.

Amazing moment at The Royal Theater, where we saw the Christmas ballet show ”The


The professional expertise and devotion of every Ole Lynggaard Copenhaguen’s family
member forms is precious part of the creation of this wonderful Danish heritage brand
that we love.


Dinner at Sören &
Hanna Lynggaard’s home

Thank you for for this so warm welcoming Magic Happens where passion unfolds.


Drinks discovering the collection of Niels Martinsen at his residence in the countryside and his niece’s work. An experimental moment living and breathing fine jewellery

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