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About CFOC

The story of the CFOC dates back to the 1960s, and it's a tale of passion, travel, and encounters.


It's the story of François Dautreme, a man who dedicated himself to promoting the art of living, everyday objects, and Asian know-how, even within museums. It's also the story of a French design and decoration company that has thrived for decades. We take great pride in this magnificent human story, which continues to inspire us time and time again.


With its focus on cultural blending, the CFOC offers authentic and generous luxury, inventing a unique design that serves an art of living, and invites you on the most beautiful of journeys.

and generous

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"We are creating a new art of living"

"We believe that decoration allows everyone to align their interior and exterior worlds; To find their way. We aim to help people achieve harmony with the universe, with themselves, and with nature. Our goal is to create a new art of living, where beauty imbues everyday actions with meaning. We envision an art of living that fosters a new sense of hospitality - one that is warm, solar, and inviting."


"Through this process of alignment, we create spaces that light up and inspire. It's a sensitive, energizing, and uplifting journey, where creativity spreads like a positive wave. This is a journey where matter and spirit come together, where the immediate blends with the lasting. We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and recharges, allowing you to tap into your own creative potential."

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Pre-opening CFOC 

Recently, Le Spot had the pleasure of meeting Louis Desazars, President of CFOC, along with Creative Director Valérie Le Héno, at the new CFOC Place Possoz boutique. During the visit, we had the opportunity to learn about the brand's fascinating history, its core values, and its creative process. The story-telling session gave us a deeper understanding of CFOC's vision, and we left feeling inspired by the passion and dedication of the team behind the brand.

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