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Carole Saint Germès

Elegance and sophisticated femininity, with a touch of gemstones

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About Carole Saint Germès

What drives Carole Saint Germès in her creation is her affinity for sculpting. She transforms plaster objects and forms into stunning adornments that can be worn with pride. Her creative gesture is evident in the hammered metal of her pieces and extends to the faceted stones' vibrations and the delicacy of baroque pearls.


The transition into creating jewelry was a natural step for Carole when she began collaborating with fashion powerhouses such as Louis Féraud, Givenchy, Emmanuel Ungaro, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.


By crafting exceptional adornments and limited series, Carole Saint Germès draws inspiration from these demanding yet liberating universes. Her brand's style and values are enriched by a COUTURE SPIRIT that evolves with the times.

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The pleasure of looking beautiful,
day and night.

Carole designs jewelry that embodies the essence of women through a blend of contrasts, shadows, and lights. By combining diverse materials such as gold, precious stones, and rugged elements like wood and bronze, she aims to evoke the inner sparkle that resides within each woman.

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