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Leonard Paris

boho dinner01.jpg

Boho Dinner hosted by Lespot
& Leonard Paris

Spectacular evening thrown by two brands with a heritage, that embody strong family values.
Le Spot Members were shining bright, many of them wearing Leonard, and all of them beautifully
accessorized by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.
Sparkling friendship was the name of the game.
Hosted by @lespotnet & @leonardparis

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boho dinner04.jpg
boho dinner05.jpg
boho dinner06.jpg

Spot Guests

boho dinner09.jpg
boho dinner10.jpg
boho dinner11.jpg
boho dinner12.jpg
boho dinner21.jpg
boho dinner22.jpg
boho dinner23.jpg

Spectacular Dinner &
Stilism by Itza Chavarría.

boho dinner24.jpg
boho dinner25.jpg
boho dinner01.jpg
boho dinner27.jpg

Photograph by Alexandre Toesca

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