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About Balushka

Balushka was founded by Anna Balashova in early 2018 with the intention of sharing traditions and heritage while creating summer-inspired items that are both sophisticated and fashionable. The brand is distinguished by its commitment to quality and sustainable production practices.

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At Balushka, we believe in the importance of eco-chic and sustainable fashion. That's why for our core collection, we use linen, which is one of the few eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics in production. It requires fewer resources to produce and is practically waste-free, making it an ideal choice for our environmentally conscious customers.


Timeless styles, artisanal work, natural fibers and trendy colors

"We support the idea of Eco-chic and sustainable fashion. For our core collection we are using linen which is one of the few eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics in production due to using fewer sources and practically being waste-free."


Curated by LeSpot

Spot the look
Summer Pop Up 23´

Balushka had the joy of participating upstairs “Spot The Look” during the Pop Up Store Le Spot at We Are last May: a floor devoted to presenting La Table Le Spot, as well as multi-brand looks, curated by Le Spot.
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IMG_5125We Are x le SPot (dimanche) (C) AlexandreToesca.jpg
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